We are a two-person, map-making team based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Our focus is on niche maps that turn the everyday into an adventure (#EDIA). Our company launched in the summer of 2014 with the release of The Great NC BBQ Map, the first printed road map of BBQ and the most comprehensive guide to be found on the topic. 

Our style combines the convenience of a map with the depth of a guidebook. An infographic approach allows us to take a large amount of data and condense it down into easy-to-read symbols and icons. Historical and instructional components take the user deeper, giving them a greater understanding of the topic and adding perspective to their travels.

The Great NC BBQ Map released to rave reviews, and considering its reception around the state and country, we consider it a huge success. We hope to have the same outcome with future maps, and we look forward to bringing more adventures to everyone's everyday.

Amanda Fisher, Creative Director | Paul Bright, Chief Cartographer

Every Day Is an Adventure (#EDIA)