PRE-ORDER // Carolina Fried Chicken Poster

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PRE-ORDER // Carolina Fried Chicken Poster


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The same double-sided map as we offer for the road, but unfolded for hanging and on heavier paper. 

When displayed, you'll see over 300 fried chicken dishes spread across North and South Carolina, from classic Southern-fried to newfangled fowl with fancy fixin’s. All the fried favorites are included, from biscuits and sandwiches, to chicken-and-waffles, Nashville-style hot chicken, Korean double-fried, smoked-fried, wings, and two styles that originated in the Carolinas — dipped chicken and Calabash chicken. Each restaurant's symbol identifies their most popular fried chicken dish and details how its fried — preparation methods (such as brining, marinating, battering, etc.), oil type, and frying method. 

The front of the map also details the history and culture of fried chicken, packing in illustrations and explanations along the margins.

To keep track of all the fried chicken you've tried across these two states and proudly mark them for all to see, add on a set of map pins or stickers.


  • 40" x 27"
  • offset lithographic print
  • Map comes rolled in a heavy duty shipping tube and packaged carefully to ensure its safe arrival.
  • NC-Made
  • Readymade 40" x 27" frames can be found at craft stores and online.
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